The SolTec Lounge Induces Profound Levels of Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Relaxation: The soothing sound, gentle vibrations and magnetic stimulation induce profound levels of relaxation with no user effort – simply let go to the experience.

Stress Reduction: Use of the technology creates an inattentive state of mind (quiets the busy mind) by habituating the sensory systems supporting the brain’s vigilance apparatus. These neurologic and psychologic changes induce a profound relaxation response with a reduction in stress levels.

Life without Stress: Users learn what this state of being feels like. With repeated exposure, users can learn to recreate this feeling state in everyday life. Imagine life without stress.

Goal: Create an ever-deepening relaxed and receptive state of being. With experience you can live in this state all of the time

From Relaxation to Happiness 

The synchronized magnetic field restores a level of presence and groundedness that we rarely experience in our fast-paced lives. This facilitates a greater sense of being, receptiveness and mindfulness versus our brain-centric preoccupation with thinking and doing. Over time, regular SolTec lounge sessions cause a shift from head-centered thinking to heart-centered thinking, feeling and being. The end result – greater happiness. A life with profound relaxation, stress reduction and happiness; who doesn’t want that?

SolTec Music

Original music has been crafted for use with the SolTec Lounge.

You may listen to a sample below, or  go to the Music page to listen to or download the 25 or 50 minute version.