About the SolTec Lounge

Launched in summer 2016, the SolTec Lounge delivers a sound, magnetic and vibration therapy session that improves overall sense of well-being, level of peace & tranquility; and profoundly relaxes the entire physical body and mind.

Covered by the Associated Press immediately upon launch, AP Writer Beth Harpaz wrote, “The comfy, curvy SolTec Lounge wouldn’t look out of place in your living room but it’s not just for casually putting your feet up. It delivers soothing magnetic vibrations while you listen to a soundtrack of chants, drums and more. Lie back with headphones and an eye pillow and the world with all its troubles fades away.”

As Ms. Harpaz points out, we could all use more ways to help the troubles of the world fade away. The desire for new ways to relieve stress and boost healthy lifestyles is a fact:

  • An estimated 75 to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.
  • Stress is a factor in heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents.

When compared to other relaxation methods, the SolTec Lounge tends to bring about results more quickly and produce a more profound level of relaxation.  SolTec is distributed globally by Jeff & Michele Kohl of Spa & Club Ideations.  Jeff Kohl points out, “In our more than five decades in spa, wellness and hospitality, the SolTec Lounge is one of the most creative, exciting and effective stress-relieving tools we’ve seen.  We call the effects achieved from a session, “Restorative Relaxation.”

The technology for the SolTec Lounge was created by Dr. Dan Cohen, who is known for licensing and bringing to market the Breathe Right nasal strip. This project began in 1996 as a means to develop an easy way to induce profound levels of relax­ation and meditation. It took 15 years to fully develop and refine this technology.

In a spa, the Lounge can be used to create:

  • Single lounge therapy
  • Multiple lounge group therapy
  • Enhanced guest experience
  • Guest recovery service
  • Team wellbeing

SolTec was named a top 200 innovator by Transformative Technology. The TransTech 200 is the annual list of the key innovators, organizations, researchers, makers, and public policy leaders who are developing science-based research, applications, products and ideas that significantly increase mental and emotional wellbeing. There were nearly a thousand nominations from which to choose.

The SolTec Lounge has recently been featured in these publications

“The new SolTec Lounge is a simple way to promote stress relief – by simply resting in a chair.” ~ Anne Moratto, Modern Salon

“The SolTec Lounge was developed for tranquility and peace of mind. The synchronization of sound and vibration helps the mind ease into a state of relaxation.” ~ Skin Inc.

“SolTec technology allows for a sound, magnetic and vibration therapy session. The technology includes specially designed music that is layered (multiple melodies play simultaneously). The music fades into the distance as the user develops a relaxed and inattentive state. The relaxation benefits tend to emerge after the first or second session and deepen thereafter.” ~ HospitalityNet

“As hospitality professionals, we know all too well the stress levels of guests and members,” says Michele Kohl, co-founder of Spa & Club Ideations. “Three out of four doctor’s visits are for stress-related ailments; relieving that stress is now as simple as resting in the SolTec Lounge. We fully support the SolTec Lounge as a wonderful tool for relaxation, stress relief and meditation.” ~ American Spa

“How do I combine my desire for constant connection and my fantasy of spending three hours in the SolTec Lounge?” ~ Ada Polla