How Does This Work..?

The seating portion of the lounge contains the back and seat transducers.

Due to its one piece construction, all of the seating structure pleasantly vibrates.

It also emits ambient sound and a magnetic field around the seat transducer, which stimulates greater expression of the human energy system.

The Music…

Music has been specifically designed for this technology.
The music is layered – multiple melodies play simultaneously causing the music to fade into the distance as you develop a profoundly relaxed and inattentive state of being. There is also bass and midrange frequencies throughout most of the music track to maintain relative constancy of vibration as well as maintaining the magnetic field.
The music is also designed to preferentially stimulate the lower portions of the human energy system.

SolTec Music

Original music has been crafted for use with the SolTec Lounge.

You may listen to a sample below, or  go to the Music page to listen to or download the 25 or 50 minute version.

The Sound…

The seat transducer is a key ingredient of the technology.
It creates pleasant, synchronous vibrations and a dynamic magnetic field containing bass and midrange frequencies.
That field also transmits the higher frequencies from the smaller magnetic field generated by the voice coil.

The Seating…

The SolTec Lounge can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort. Its zero-gravity design provides the perfect environment in which to feel the greatest effect. It can be manually reclined to your own favorite position with ease. Simply tilt the seat back or adjust it forward, then sit down and enjoy.