Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about SolTec

Why was the SolTec Lounge developed?
SolTec technology was developed by neurologist Dan Cohen, MD to help people learn to live life with far greater peace and tranquility. According to Dr. Cohen, “Sometimes we’re a lot better off when we can turn off our brain,” which may sound strange coming from a neurologist. However, he claims this is because“the brain is the seat of the ego, not the soul, and it is the major, if not sole contributor to stress in our lives.You can learn to live as relaxed as you feel in a SolTec Lounge. Use it regularly and see how your life changes for the better.”
How does the SolTec Lounge work?

The synchronized sound and vibration cause areas of the brain responsible for maintaining too high a level of vigilance (the stress response) to be inhibited. This automatically produces a profound state of relaxation. The synchronized magnetic field therapy stimulates the human energy system, causing greater integration with the physical body, which results in positive physical, emotional, mental and energetic effects. By experiencing and learning what this profound state of relaxation feels like, we can learn to reproduce thisfeeling much of the time.

What will my guests/members experience during a session?

During the first session, most people experience profound relaxation as they drift between wakefulness and a very relaxed state of drowsiness. Some even fall asleep for periods of time. In later sessions, people experience greater levels of awareness and deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

What should the user be doing during a session?

It’s simple – fall asleep and allow the technology to wake you up. Clients will find themselves in a drifty state of consciousness very quickly. When they catch themselves thinking, they should direct their attention to their body and simply feel how relaxed they are getting and then allow themselves to simply drift away again. Repeating this simple process of feeling the body and letting go, will allow them to quickly learn how to produce profound levels of relaxation – physically, emotionally and mentally.

How long is a session?

Typical therapeutic sessions are 25 or 50 minutes in duration. Those who own a SolTec Lounge and have sessions regularly (several times per week to daily) report they require less sleep. As such, they gain all the benefits of profound relaxation and stress reduction with no net time loss.

What are the benefits from consistent 25-minute or 50-minute sessions?

Regular, consistent usage allows users to quickly learn how to dramatically deepen the state of relaxation they can achieve, which can be quite profound. In this process, they learn what their body feels like during this state. This is quite important because we innately are very good at reproducing a feeling or state for which we become familiar. As users learn what profound relaxation feels like – mind (not brain) awake,body asleep – they are literally feeling how their body feels during light sleep. They can learn to recreate that feeling of profound relaxation, anywhere and at any time. When they can do so, stress becomes a thing of the past and they find themselves far more peaceful and happy. Without even attempting to learn meditation, once they get to this state, they have actually become excellent meditators.

After use can guests do normal activities or should they rest? Is a session best done in the evening?

After a session, people feel very relaxed, but they are very quickly able to reengage in their normal daily affairs. If they choose to relax after a session they will simply retain a more profound state of relaxation than they are normally accustomed. SolTec Lounge sessions can be quite restorative and potentially interfere with falling asleep at normal bedtime hours if performed too close to bedtime.

How do the effects of the SolTec Lounge affect other services or activities?

Activities that require significant physical exertion are best done prior to a SolTec Lounge session. Therefore, the user feels very refreshed after the session. On the other hand, services performed for guests or members that are best done after a session for maximum effectiveness include services aimed at deep tissue and alignment therapies.

Can other music be used?

We recommend using the layered music that’s provided, however any music can be used. The layered music is designed to be pleasant and, although listeners hear the music, they generally don’t actively listen to it. This process aids in turning off the brain and the stress response. If other music is used, it is best if it is rich in all frequencies, especially bass. This is a significant advantage of the layered music, as multiple sound tracks play simultaneously, which provides extremely rich frequency content throughout the session to maximize effectiveness.

What are the effects of regular, long term use?

Peace, tranquility, greater happiness, better health and improved relationships. From the beginning of ourdevelopment work on this project (19 years ago), we were attempting to create transformational technology. This is the reason we continue to use the SolTec Lounge almost every day, and quite honestly, we still use the original music, but we rarely ever hear it.

What evidence/testing exists as to the benefits of the technology?

Early in the development of this technology, client-based report studies were performed that measured their levels of relaxation. In addition, computerized EEG analysis was completed to demonstrate that subjects quickly achieved theta brain waves (normally associated with stage 2 sleep), even while awake. Since this is not a medical product and no studies were necessary for FDA submission, these studies were not formal in nature, nor were they published. The vast majority of participants recognize the dramatic benefit after the first session, so there is little need to use studies in an attempt to convince people of the technology’s efficacy.

Do you recommend the SolTec Lounge for everyone?

People with pacemakers should consult their physician before use as the technology produces vibration, which can affect the action of some pacemakers.