The Soltec Lounge is an innovative, simple to use, and profoundly effective tool for cultivating greater well-being on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual. I use my lounge 3-4 times per week, and every time, I “come out” of the experience relaxed, refreshed and remarkably centered.

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In my experience, the lounge delivers all the benefits of meditation plus a deep power nap in just one session; and the more I use it, the better I feel. If you are looking for a way to reliably improve the well-being of yourself, your team or your customers, try the Soltec Lounge – you will be positively hooked!
Linda Saggau

Co-Founder, Experience Happiness

I was introduced to the SolTec Lounge by a colleague in the Spa Industry who had met Dr. Cohen and suggested I review his new product immediately!  Being a Spa Director and Spiritual Intuitive the lounge chair technology fit into both of my worlds seamlessly.

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Introducing the SolTec Lounge to clients I found it connected not only to those who were looking for relaxation from daily stress; it also helped individuals take a self-reflective spiritual journey where amazing healing seemed to happen time and time again.  I am amazed at how quickly and effectively this Lounge works on those clients ready to disconnect.
Jenessee Roy

Spa Director, Spa Walden, Aurora, Ohio

Whether it’s a recommendation for a restaurant, a vacation spot or a new innovative relaxation treatment, I have always felt that a testimonial is society’s most powerful marketing tool. No matter how much advertising and promotion a business does, it always comes back to the overall customer experience.

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That is why I am pleased to recommend the SolTec Lounge.  This innovative concept of restorative relaxation meshes perfectly with the spa industry, which the company I work for, the Phytomer Group, is part of.

I first had the opportunity to experience the SolTec Lounge in early January when Jeff and Michele Kohl along with Dr. Dan Cohen, attended a Sales and Education Meeting for Phytomer to present and demonstrate the SolTec Lounge.  I was asked if I would be willing to try it out.

I am a Type A personality with a dose of skepticism – mind is always racing, I’m always thinking of what I need to do next and my “To-Do”  list is never ending.  Like a lot of women, it’s hard for me to take some time for me.  Even as the Sol Tec Lounge was being explained, my mind was on other things I needed to get done.

Then it was my turn.  I couldn’t believe I was able to get so comfortable; the music and sounds, vibrations and magnetic therapies lulled me into such a state of relaxation, I went to sleep.  To say I was amazed is an understatement.

Fast forward three weeks later when I slipped on some ice and broke my kneecap.  I was non-weight bearing for two months, with there being a 50-50 chance I would need surgery to repair the break.  I started using the SolTec Lounge every day to ease my anxiety and found myself relaxing and feeling less stressed and fortunately for me, my break began to heal on its own.  My knee has fully recovered now, and I can walk without a walking aid and no longer need pain pills, however, I happily continue my SolTec Lounge sessions for relaxation and meditation.

My recommendation is a simple one:  The SolTec Lounge works!

Cathi Herzog

Training Coordinator, The Phytomer Group

As a spa consultant and interior designer you see lots of new products regularly but when one is introduced to you that you know will change the way your clients do business, you need to write about it.  I think that the Soltec Lounger is that revolutionary product.

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Well-executed in design and performance, this is an exceptional experience that truly delivers which was clearly evident during my client’s open house. Guests were literally waiting their turn to get on to the lounger. In fact, a pediatrician returned at the end of the open house and got back on one as she was so impressed with how great she felt afterward. To me, this is the true testimonial; happy, rested guests.
Nancy Nemer

President and Founder, Red Cashew, Inc.

Choose Your SolTec Lounge

Many of you may have already had the opportunity to experience the SolTec Lounge at one of our demonstrations. If we had the pleasure of sharing the SolTec Lounge with you before, welcome back. If you are new to SolTec Lounge, please take a moment to learn more about it here, on our website. The word is out that the SolTec Lounge delivers a unique restorative relaxation experience. Don’t delay, choose yours today.

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Total wellness through profound relaxation…


The unique design of this lounge consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable seating platform, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and magnetic fields. It is designed to induce profound states of relaxation and stress reduction and a much fuller expression of the human energy system.


The Lounge is Perfect for…

  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Spas & Salons
  • Country Clubs
  • Health & Fitness Clubs
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Cruise Ships
  • Airport Lounges
  • Retreat & Wellness Centers
  • Universities
  • Hospitals & Private Medical Centers
  • Private Homes